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Friday, August 31, 2007

The important things I HAVEN'T blogged about!

I'm feeling a bit bad-mommy-ish, but I totally forgot to blog some important firsts this week.

On Tuesday, I took the boys to get new sneakers. TJ is going to be playing soccer and had outgrown his, and Scott's ripped the other day, so clearly they needed replacing. So off to Target. We were specifically looking for NOT black or and dark color sole, since the gym at Precept forbids dark soles. That requirement left 2 of the 20 types available for each boy to choose from. TJ found some he liked, and was off and literally running (funny how kids think new shoes make them run faster). Scott had to choose between some white athletic looking ones and some brown skateboarder looking ones. He opted for the white, but I wanted to be sure he could actually get them on by himself, so he proved that he could before we left the store with them. He was sooooo excited, he wore them home, but removed them once he got home since we tend to run around shoeless. Well, then an hour later it was time to go again and he put them on AND tied them by himself. Now if your child has been doing that since they were 3, I don't think you'll be able to appreciate that at all, but we live in a velcro/elastic age, and my 10 years old had literally NEVER tied his own shoes. LOVE IT!!!!!!

Then yesterday, TJ read his first sentence, "a cat sat." I know it's not award winning literature, but hey, we're proud anyway. He's totally doing great with reading. I LOVE schooling him at home. Every mom deserves one easy child :-). And yes, I know that the "easy" part comes from the year he spent in pre-k last year, but I'll take what I can get.
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