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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Continuing Quilt saga

So today, we had a meeting for the quilters (too funny that I typo'd "quiters" first) to learn how to make the requisite stars for our Christmas blocks. You remember the stars...those things I was up until almost midnight unsuccessfully trying to create last night? Well today, the good fairy came to teach us how to make them without it taking all night. I was so inspired while I was there, and I did actually sew together 2 complete squares, which was an added bonus beyond just hanging out with the girls.
Fast forward to tonight, when I decide to put this "paper piecing" thing to the test. I picked an "easy" star pattern that I really admired on the quilting website, and dove right in. This pattern even made use of the triangles I had cut wrong last night, so no wasted pieces :-). Okay, so that smiley face was for the first hour or two. 5 hours later, and I still don't have the block assembled. Oh, it's all pieced on the paper finally, and I am up to the point of assembly, but as you can see, it's midnight, and on top of that, my sewing machine has gone into sabotage mode and I can no longer get it to actually sew anything. Two stitches into the seam, it all self destructs, so I took that as a sign from God, and I am quiting for the night. (I must say, this square is going to be really nice, but it's safe to say there won't be more of them coming to the's like handing someone 5 hours of my life.)
I'm thankful that the quilt square took this long though, because about 5 minutes ago, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a rodent running across our carpet. I know, you're thinking EEKKK, but it was our hamster Jack, who, it seems, is every bit as resourceful as Captain Jack Sparrow, his namesake, as he has escaped from his closed up cage. He had managed to find (stop reading here, anyone who still may think I have any housekeeping ability at all) any and every piece of cereal Sari has dropped since we last vacuumed and stuffed his cheeks fuller than I have ever seen. Thankfully, I got him and returned him to his cage, or I can't even imagine all the scenarios that could have played out. I'm thankful also for friends who make me laugh, put up with my whining, and challenge me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. AND,I'm thankful for news that another friend is pregnant. I'm thrilled for her and her family :-).
until later today (since we've crossed into tomorrow already),
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Leisa said...

I am going to have to get a hamster. I consider that vacuuming if they pick up cheerios. Your quilt squares look fabulous!!!