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Friday, August 3, 2007

Proud mom moment

Tonight, our County 4-H had their awards ceremony. Scott, Mimi, and I went while my husband and his parents took the two younger ones to the First Friday Street party in our town. I wasn't sure what to expect, and while I certainly hoped my kids' record books would earn them something, I had no expectations of anything. I knew there were some "new" awards of excellence, but since 4-H was new to us this past year anyway, I decided I wasn't going to stress myself or the kids out by trying to specifically achieve anything. I spent the whole year barely getting by in 4-H. We did everything at the last minute because other than attending the club meetings, it just wasn't the habit of our lives. I felt like I was dipping my big toe in to test the water. And it was a departure for us, because none of our other profoundly close friends participated. Anyway, we had a good time with it this year, and I didn't get too stressed, but I also didn't really take the responsibility for keeping up with anything, so that was probably why I wasn't too stressed.
All I can say is, "God bless our leader". She kept up with the deadlines. She made us aware of what we needed to attend and when to be there. She made sure the kids did the activities they needed to get done. Without her, we would have been lost. And thanks to her, my kids actually got several awards tonight. I don't even know what the criteria was for them, but apparently they met them, and the kids were SOOOO excited every time their names were called. It was great, and I owe it all to P's leadership. (Okay, so one of the awards Scott got was for his record book, and he did that with a little help from me, but even that she organized workdays for and let us see examples of others that had been done. Not that I want to minimize his hard work on it at all, but it would not have looked nearly as nice if we had not had some idea of what the judges were looking for. I'm a very visual learner :-).
Tonight was one of those really proud mom moments where you and your kids get to sit back and actually see them rewarded for their hard work. It was great for all of us.
I'm blessed to have a 4-H leader who understands the struggles of a mom with young children. And I'm blessed to have wonderful children who enjoy seeing not only themselves rewarded for a job well done, but their friends too. My favorite moment of the whole night was when Mimi's name was called for something, and Scott's jaw dropped, his face lit up, and as she passed by to go up on stage, he grabbed her and hugged her. That's how it should be.
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